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OCT Angiography Module

  • High quality imaging with novel algorithm

    The Complex Optical Micro Angiography (C-OMAG) algorithm is used to generate the OCTA images. 

  • Automated 7 layers segmentation

    Automated 7 layers segmentation: VRI, superficial, intermediate, deep, outer retina, choriocapillaris, choroid

  • Max. 12 x 8mm wide range scan

    VASCAN provides up to 12 x 8 mm extra wide angiography scan in a single shot, which gives you a overview of the the retinal vasculature within just a few seconds.

  • Advanced projection removal algorithm

    Removal of projection artifacts resulted in improved visualization and measurements of the neovascular lesions.

  • Artifact-free OCTA images

    The SLO-based eye tracker and advanced motion artifact removal algorithm significantly improve the OCTA image quality

  • Image gallery
  • Video
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • CNV, Choriocapillaris

  • OCTA Montage

  • OCTA Montage

VASCAN™ Advance

  • Scanning volume/area

  • 3mm x 3mm     256 x 256 A-scans
    6mm x 6mm     360 x 360 A-scans
    8mm x 8mm     360 x 360 A-scans
    12mm x 8 mm      540 x 360 A-scans

  • Algorithm

  • C-OMAG

  • Segmentation options

  • Encoded, Vitreous Retinal Interface(VRI), Superficial, Intermediate, Deep, Outer retina, Choriocapillaris, Choroid, Custom

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Yes